Believe in undiscovered dreams

Cinnamon Swan is not a fashion label, it is a family.
Spirited, daring, sophisticated, progressive,….we don’t exist to create fashion, we exist to create mythical moments....memories, magic and mystery.
Moments you cherish for a lifetime.
Moments steeped in empowerment, sustainability, evolution, and wonder. We dream of a new tomorrow, and invite you to dream with us…

The brand

Cinnamon Swan is a global neo-luxury fashion label created by New Zealand designer Geoff Gates, and built on a foundation of positive energy, sustainability and self-actualisation. Building both an emotional and cognitive connection with its customers – where mystery, sensuality and intimacy  combine to form truly unique pieces -  the brand’s signature aspirational energy and approach to design resonates with those who dare to dream bigger in life.

Welcome to the world of Cinnamon Swan.