Up close with Amaranta Asuna, the Cinnamon Swan Mermaid on a mission to drive positive change in the world.

It's early morning in Arizona, USA, and it's the start of another day for Amaranta Asuna, a woman on a mission to inspire women worldwide to love themselves - for just being them.


"As an aspiring petite fashion model, I’ve run into many locked doors because I do not meet the standard requirements being only (5ft 4). Life has taught me to keep going, keep pushing the limits, to keep believing in myself and work even harder every day."

Amaranta's goal is to become a runway model on the world's biggest stages to be a voice for others, and prove that beauty comes comes in all shapes, sizes - and heights!

"My future goals include being a model who speaks about the importance of self-love, inner beauty, positivity, kindness and confidence - as a petite model who represents girls and women like myself all over the world."

And with an attitude like that, she is letting no-one get in her way.

“We can all attain our dreams and goals through hard work, perseverance and staying confident in who we are, no matter what. We are all more than enough. We always have been and everyone always will be beautiful in their own way."

"Cinnamon Swan has blessed me with the opportunity to join a select group of women as a Cinnamon Swan Mermaid, and I am forever grateful to work with such a classically beautiful, unique brand that focuses on the importance of self-love and inspires us to own our unique beauty from the inside out."

Cinnamon Swan is honoured to support Amaranta on her journey to realising her own dreams, and be sure to keep a look out for this name on the world's biggest fashion stages in the future....