Cinnamon Swan is built on a set of values that are fundamental to driving its voice a lever for positive change in the world.



Uncovering the authentic greatness within, Cinnamon Swan believes in inspiring everyone to be icons in their own unique way, to be whoever they want to be, and to live free- spirited.


Cinnamon Swan dreams of a world of EQUALITY, where everyone has the opportunity to chase their own dreams.


We believe genuine human connection is central to life. That is why we are built around our customers, their dreams, their challenges and their aspirations.


Leading, not following. Cinnamon Swan believes in pushing the limits of creative outside the ordinary, to realize fashion, designs, expressions and experiences that are truly unique and special.


Committed to a sustainable tomorrow, with ethical manufacture & sustainable materials – Cinnamon Swan is committed to not only minimizing its footprint, but also being a catalyst for change in the world.