Beach season means one thing: buying new swimwear. At Cinnamon Swan, we know this can be a daunting task. With so many options out there, it can be hard to find the best bikini to fit your style. We want you to feel confident when you walk out on the beach this summer, and we want you to feel good about your purchase, too!

So to help, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you feel amazing in your swimwear this summer. Let’s get into it. 

1: Choose the Right Swimwear

To start, it’s all about choosing the right style of swimwear. Just because something is trending on Instagram doesn’t mean it’s the best fit for everyone. Your swimwear should make you feel comfortable and confident on the beach. Don’t be blinded by a pattern if the style of the suit doesn’t make you feel good!

When you’re picking out swimwear, it’s important to try them on. Try on A LOT of different styles. We recommend trying the ones you aren’t totally sure about, because you just never know! 

If you do have parts of your body that you feel self conscious about, certain styles can help. For example, if you are self-conscious about your tummy, try a high-waisted bikini style, or a one piece from our collection. 

2: Practice Confidence 

We know that building confidence is much easier said than done. Wearing your Cinnamon Swan swimwear on the beach should make you feel like a rockstar. Even if you’re having a not-so-confident day, practice saying something nice to yourself to help you build confidence. Try writing positive thoughts down to cement them in your brain! You are beautiful, amazing and cool!. 

3: Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Everyone has been guilty of this, especially on the beach. The worst thing you can do to yourself is compare yourself to how others look. Remember, you’re wearing that Cinnamon Swan bikini because when you tried it on, it made you feel good! Don’t let looking at others get in the way of how you felt when you first looked in the mirror. Open up that hard seltzer, and get to enjoying your day at the beach!

4: Take Care of Your Skin 

You’ve got the stellar bikini, now it’s time to pamper the skin. Before a day at the beach, give your skin a little extra love and care. The sun and sand can be harsh! Spending some time exfoliating and moisturizing your skin will also give you a confidence boost so you’ll really slay in that new bikini. 

5: Have Fun!

Most importantly, you’re out at the beach to have a good time. We hope that following these tips will eliminate any insecurities you may have had about going out in your new bikini. Check out our sustainable Cinnamon Swan swimwear collection here! 

August 23, 2022 — Volpea