On the subject of holidays, nobody says it quite like Madonna. Here at Cinnamon Swan, we thought it high time to celebrate our recent border opening and introduce you to the world through impact travel so you can swan sustainably.

To make the most of our newfound freedom, we got our holiday on and curated some epic places to really make your travel count and make an impact. Start dusting off your passport as we show you how to take a sustainable sojourn, explore, and wander into the wilderness. Dream of the undiscovered where you can really let your swan fly!

Read below for part one in our travel series... 

What is impact traveling? How to swan sustainably
We’ve done the research so you can swan sustainably wherever your wanderlust takes you. Impact traveling simply put is the impact travel & tourism have on the area you are visiting and the planet as a whole. Embarking on sustainable travel is the act of caring about our footprint on the planet and how much our travel really costs our beautiful earth.

It may seem that there is no healthy way to travel sustainably. However, there are some ways to improve your holiday’s effect on the planet just by becoming more eco-conscious, and luckily there are heaps of amazing people and organizations already fully invested, clued-up on the circular environment, and geared up to offer us a solid array of awesome sustainable options.

Check out our top 5 five different ways to be a conscious traveler and a glossary of all the sustainable terms found on CN Traveller who certainly have the buzz words down pat for exactly what to look out for to make your trip matter.  

1. Eco-Conscious Retreats

Getaway to our mates in Australia green stylie (not that kind of green) with Green Getaways - a huge list of eco-retreats that you can book all over Oz and beyond. Dive into the wilderness at Pulocinta in Indonesia, where you can stay in a solar-powered hut right in the middle of the ocean. 
2. Rest and recharge yourself and the planet
Recharge with regenerative tourism at Earth Changers - it’s really in the name. These awesome folk help you find and book trips that will make positive changes to our planet. 
3. Volunteer on vacay
Less retreat more revive could have you volunteering on your vacation. Pure Grenada, set in the beautiful Caribbean, is one such place that offers this. Or if you are looking for the global list of volunteering spots head to VolunteerHQ for all the info you need.
4. A home away from home
Get conscious about the community you’re planning on visiting - find places to stay where your visit will provide a positive impact. Community Homestay had just this idea offering an amazing spot just outside popular Katmandu in Nepal.
5. Make Travel Matter experiences
The people at Tread Right are an organization that has taken a pledge to Make Travel Matter, their campaign is directly in line with UN global sustainability goals and is working with various brands to ensure your travel has the most positive impact it can have on People, Planet and Wildlife.

Other ways to eco-travel? - Ask these questions...

Your foodprint: Where your food is coming from on your trip - is it locally sourced?
Certifications: What certifications does your resort have?
Conservation activity: Are they doing any type of conservation?
Do they offset? Does your airline or hotel offset where possible?
Waste and Water: Do they conserve water? Are they into zero-waste?

For more steps to sustainable swan check Lonely Planet’s tips. And don’t forget to check the pre-departure regulations for the countries you visit.

Here's to a year of amazing sustainable adventures!
June 06, 2022 — Geoff Gates